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Baojiao is a manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel wire mesh, gutter mesh, window screen, filters and custom fabricated wire mesh products since 2001. Products are mainly exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, South African, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, America, Germany......    read more

Woven Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Stainless steel wire mesh has good performance of wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion-resisting. It’s extensively used in variety of filtration, sieving, sorting for chemical industry, pharmacy industry, petroleum industry, food industry, metallurgy, airspace, water treating system, plastic extruder, rubber processing machine and other industrial filtration.
Aluminum Gutter Mesh
Makes a great leaf guard to keep leaf and debris out Successfully keeps out animals into the gutter, such as squirrel, birds and pests Guttering downpipes have a significantly increased lifespan Raised strand make more rigid, with light weigh Aperture can accept heavy rainfall Finished with high quality epoxy coated, corrosion and rust resistant
Balance Weave Spiral Wire Conveyor Belt

Balance weave spiral wire conveyor belt is an economical, general use belt for medium load applications. It is the most commonly used wire mesh conveyor belt, such as for food processing applications, draining/cooling/drying/washing/freezing etc, as well as industries ranging from ceramic, electronics, package transfer, glass annealed, salt rock, food stuff and metalworking etc.

Epoxy Coated Filter Screen
Types: Epoxy coated black annealed wire filter screen, Epoxy coated aluminum wire filter screen
Finished with high quality epoxy powders coated, mainly colour is black, dark gray, charcoal gray, other colour is available upon request.  Tel: 0086-0318-8093718   Mobile: 0086-13623373995
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Stainless Micron Mesh, Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt, Aluminum Wire Mesh, Aluminum Gutter Guard Mesh, Epoxy Coated Woven Aluminum Filter Mesh, Aluminum Tuffscreen, Door & Window Screen.
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